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Protect Yourself: Scam & Fraud Prevention

Learn how to arm yourself against potential swindlers.

Reminder: We will never contact you by email, text or phone to ask you for personal account information — that includes your card number, PIN, account number or online banking password, or ONE-TIME PASSWORD. Never reveal this information to someone who contacts you.

It’s a sad fact of modern life — if you’ve got something, somebody who wants it might go to extraordinary lengths to take it from you. So, we employ a number of precautions to safeguard your finances and financial information. Our online banking, for instance, is fully encrypted. That means that if fraudsters access your information they won’t be able to read it, rendering it useless to them. Keeping watch over your assets is a full-time job. Here is some information on ways that you can help us to protect you from various types of fraud:

Enhanced Core Benefit: Mastercard ID Theft Protection

Velocity Credit CardStandard, World, and World Elite Mastercard cardholders are eligible for an enhanced Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ solution.

Cardholders have access to enhanced Mastercard ID Theft Protection with the following features:

  • New single bureau credit monitoring at TransUnion
  • New financial account takeover monitoring
  • New URL and domain monitoring
  • Improved design and usability of the online monitoring dashboard
  • Improved identity monitoring with more data elements:
    • Email addresses (unlimited)
    • Debit/credit cards (unlimited)
    • Bank Accounts (unlimited)
    • Web logins—username and password (unlimited)
    • Medical insurance cards (unlimited)
    • Drivers’ license (unlimited)
    • Loyalty cards (unlimited)
    • Affinity cards (unlimited)
    • Passport number (unlimited)
    • Vehicle Insurance cards (unlimited)
    • Social Security Number (single)
  • White glove service for all Standard, World, and World Elite credit cardholders: Access to a team of identity theft resolution specialists, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help resolve cardholders’ identity theft incidents and prevent further damage.

To enroll in the enhanced Mastercard ID Theft Protection benefit, click the ENROLL button below.


Click here for additional core benefits our credit cardholders enjoy.

If you have already applied or want to check your enrollment status, visit The enhanced Mastercard ID Theft Protection is a free benefit provided by Mastercard through Generali.

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