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Share-Secured Loans

Get needed cash while you build — or rebuild — your credit.

Share-Secured Loans

Has your credit rating seen better days? Or, are you looking for a good way to help establish a credit history for the first time? If you are 18 or older, our share-secured loan can help! Applying is a good first step toward establishing or rebuilding credit, and your loan can be used for any purpose.

With a share-secured installment loan (minimum of $500), you use a portion of your savings (share) account balance equal to the amount of your loan as collateral. As you make timely monthly loan payments, a positive credit reference is created. The funds in your account continue to earn dividends, and your available balance increases as your loan principal is paid down.

You get an affordable, fixed monthly loan payment and terms up to 10 years.

Loan Rates

Ready to get a share-secured loan?
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Rebuilding Your Credit