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Vehicle Loans

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New, used or refinance … let’s get you on the road.

Velocity offers financing on a wide range of new and used automobiles and light trucks. New cars can often be financed with little or no down payment, depending upon credit qualifications. And we finance used cars and trucks up to 10 years old. Check out our rates and complete disclosures. Velocity does not offer private party purchases for titled collateral loans or lease buyout transactions.

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Getting your loan at the Dealership

Velocity has relationships with major auto dealers in central Texas. In most cases, you can apply, receive a fast approval, and close your loan right at the dealership — the ultimate in convenience! Be sure to ask your dealer to arrange your financing through Velocity Credit Union. Even if you’re not a current member of Velocity, we’ll be happy to process your loan application and show you how to become a member right on the spot.

Low-Rate Financing or Cash Rebates — which should you choose?

Your car dealer might offer you a choice of low-rate dealer financing or a cash rebate. It’s often better to take the cash rebate and finance your vehicle through Velocity. Not only will you save money, your loan will also have a lower balance throughout its life, making things easier should you need to sell or trade. If you have questions about dealer financing and rebates, please contact us and we’ll show you how to determine which choice is better for you.


If you’re like many consumers, you might owe more money on your auto loan than your car is actually worth. Because most auto insurance policies only cover the actual market value of the vehicle, you might be out of luck if your car is destroyed in an accident, or stolen and never recovered. Your insurance company’s settlement might not pay off the loan in full, leaving you owing hundreds or thousands of dollars on a car that you can no longer use.

Velocity Credit Union offers a program called GAP to address this problem. By purchasing GAP with your Velocity auto loan, you are protected from financial loss due to any “gap” that might exist between a vehicle’s value and your loan balance. If your financed car is totaled or stolen, the GAP program will make up any difference between the insurance settlement and the loan balance.

Contact us and we’ll send you more information about the GAP program.

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