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At Velocity, we pride ourselves on providing terrific rates to our members. Whether you’re borrowing or investing, these handy links will take you to the current numbers. Rates can change frequently, so bookmark this page if you’re not quite ready to apply or invest.


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Schedule of Fees and Service Charges

Credit unions have always been not-for-profit organizations offering members the best possible service at the best possible price. Traditionally, credit unions offer some of the best loans rates, dividend rates, and service fees of any type of financial institution. Velocity is dedicated to upholding this tradition.

Service charges and fees are designed to be reasonable and to help offset the Credit Union’s cost of providing services to its members. Such fees, when appropriate and fair, help make individual services more “self supporting”. In turn, the Credit Union is able to be more aggressive in offering lower loan rates and higher dividend rates. Most important, properly-targeted fees allow the cost of providing certain services to be borne only by the users of those services and not by our membership as a whole. In this way, savers and borrowers do not have to subsidize the cost of services they may not use.

The following fee and service charge information is in effect as of Effective Date: March 1, 2021​. All fees, services charges, minimum balances and other requirements may be changed at any time by the Velocity Credit Union Board of Directors.

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(Updated March 1, 2021)