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Loan Payments

Loan Payment Options

Need to make a loan payment? We’ve got options! You’ll just need your Velocity member number, your loan type and payment information, and the account and routing number from the outside account from which you’ll be paying.

One-Time Payment

Make free one-time payments through our website or by automated phone system (IVR). Register once, then return to make payments as desired. Call 866.926.5639 to make a one-time payment over the phone.*

Online Banking

Transfer money and make loan payments online through our online banking system, even from another financial institution. Already enrolled? Click the log-in button at the top of any page.

Not enrolled? Click below.**

Automatic Payment (ACH*)

Set up a free, recurring loan payment through secure Docusign, which will debit your account from another bank or credit union and pay your loan automatically each month, or bi-weekly.

*An ACH transfer is an electronic, bank-to-bank transfer processed by the Automated Clearing House network

Automatic Payment (ACH) Form

Other Payment Options

You can also mail in payments, or drop them off at any branch. Finally, our contact center can assist you with your loan payment at 512.469.7000 (there is a $10 convenience fee for employee-assisted payments made by phone).

Please note: The phone number on some loan payment coupons may have an incorrect phone number. Please call 512.469.7000 with any questions.

*Payments made after 8pm CST will not post until the next business day.
**You will need to verify your external account the first time you use it. That can take a few days, so don’t wait until your due date!