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Card Rewards

Your debit Rewards program has received an upgrade!

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CURewards currently apply to debit cards only. Rewards credit cards will migrate to the new program in April.

We’ve switched to CURewards …

… and your debit card Rewards are better than ever. Like our previous rewards program, you’ll earn points as you use your card for “signature” or non-PIN transactions, whether at the retailer or online.

Check out the CURewards® website for exciting, new redemption options, including a Points-to-Cash option and …

Earn points with your Velocity Rewards Debit Mastercard®

Saving is important, but spending is unavoidable. Why not use your Velocity Rewards debit card for those every day, non-PIN transactions and watch your point total grow! Earn one point for every $3 purchase, and track and redeem those points online for great rewards.Velocity Mastercard credit cards

You haven’t lost your points! If you have unredeemed ScoreCard debit points, they will automatically transfer to CURewards in mid- to late March.

For now, CURewards will apply exclusively to your debit cards (we’ll be moving your Velocity credit cards to the new rewards program in April. Watch your mail and inbox). Be sure you’re getting the latest news and updates. (Enroll here)

Not yet a rewards debit card member? You can upgrade by phone or apply online. ($20 annual fee applies.)


Any points you have accrued but not redeemed in the discontinued ScoreCard debit rewards program will be available at CURewards in Mid- to late March.

Velocity CardLock
Take Control of your Debit Card

We’re upgrading your card security options, too! In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to download the Velocity CardLock app, and take control of your debit card. Misplaced it for a moment? Left it at the table? No worries, you will be able to lock and unlock your card (and do much more) instantly, from your smartphone. Velocity CardLock will be available wherever you get your mobile apps.

App availability date will be announced soon.