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Card Rewards

Your Rewards program has received an upgrade!

CU Rewards logo
CURewards is now available for debit and credit cards. Credit card rewards points will convert to the new program in mid-May.

We’ve switched to CURewards …

… and your Velocity card rewards are better than ever! With CURewards, you’ll earn points whenever you make signature-based purchases with your Velocity cards. Redeem those points for dining, merchandise, gift cards, travel rewards — even CASH with our “Points-to-Cash” option. There’s no charge for the Rewards option on the credit card, and a low, $20 annual fee for debit.

Combine points from your Velocity rewards debit and rewards credit cards to earn points even faster! Track and redeem your points online at (rewards begin at just under 1,000 points).

Gift Cards are available from major brands including Amazon®, Best Buy®, Applebee’s®, Target®, Shell®, Bass Pro Shops®, Home Depot®, Disney®, and dozens more.

Get Merchandise from popular brands including Apple®, Sony®, Samsonite®, Dooney & Bourke®, Weber®, and others.

Book vacations and getaways throughout the Continental U.S. and  travel to destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and beyond.

Check out the CURewards® website for exciting, new redemption options, including a Points-to-Cash option and …

Debit Card RewardsEarn points with your Velocity Rewards Mastercard® and Debit Mastercard®

Saving is important, but spending is unavoidable. Why not use your Velocity Rewards cards for those every day, non-PIN transactions and watch your point total grow! Debit cards earn one point for every $3 purchase; credit cards earn 1.5 points for every $1 purchase (cash advances and balance transfers do not earn rewards points). Track and redeem those points online for great rewards.

Not yet a Rewards card member? Upgrade by phone or apply online.

You haven’t lost your points.

 CU Rewards are here!

Unredeemed ScoreCard debit points have already transferred to CURewards; credit points will migrate by mid-May (all Scorecard point accrual and redemptions end on April 26).

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Velocity CardLockTake Control of your Velocity cards

We’re upgrading your Velocity card security options, too! Download the Velocity CardLock app, and take control of your alerts, transactions and other card details. Temporarily misplaced your card? Left it at the table? No worries, you’re able to lock and unlock your Velocity cards (and do much more) instantly, from your smartphone.

CardLock works with your Velocity debit and credit cards.

Download Velocity CardLock for Android or iPhone.