Membership Rewards

Velocity offers Member Rewards, a program where you can earn a discount on your next loan, just by using more Velocity products and services. It's our way of saying "Thanks for being a member of Velocity Credit Union."

Here's how it works. Check the list below. It will show you all the ways you can earn a discount, and the percentage we'll take off your next loan. The maximum discount is .50%. These discounts are good on every loan except: real estate loans, share secured and certificate secured loans, non-prime auto loans and lines of credit such as Mastercards and QuickLoans.


  • .25% discount when you keep $5,000 in deposit accounts at Velocity
  • .50% discount when you keep $10,000 in deposit accounts at Velocity
  • .25% installment loan rate discount is offered with any new or existing deposit account with a minimum of $300 in monthly direct deposit.

Other Member Rewards

  • .25% discount with 20% down payment on eligible secured loans
  • .50% discount when you purchase a Credit Union repossessed vehicle
  • .25% discount for Elite Rewards members
  • .10% discount on Home Equity and Home Improvement loans when payment is automatically withdrawn from your Velocity checking or share (savings) account.
  • .25% discount on Home Equity loans when Velocity Credit Union is the first lien holder on the property.
  • The maximum Rewards rate reduction for Home Equity and Home Improvement loans is 0.25%

Ask for details when you're ready to apply for your next loan!

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