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Reward Programs

We think you’re special! Enjoy these special benefits.

Velocity membership gets you more perks than a pot of coffee! Check out these benefits:

Rewards Cards

Mastercard® CURewards

Earn points you can redeem for merchandise, dining, travel and more every time you make a signature-based purchase with your CURewards credit or debit card.

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Elite Rewards

50 is the new perk-y, and our members age 50 and better have access to this special package of benefits and services. To take advantage of your Elite Rewards, contact us at 512.469.7000 or 800.933.2029.


  • Free personal checks
  • Special loan rates. On many types of loans, this could mean a discount of 0.25% to 0.50% APR (see eligibility) on unsecured loans, new and used auto loans, and loans for boats, RVs, or just about anything.
  • Special share certificate rates on your deposit of $5,000 or more. These special rates can increase your investment annual percentage yield (APY) by 0.10% APY to 0.20% APY** depending upon the amount and the length of time you invest.


All members age 50 and up are eligible for Elite Rewards if they meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Have combined deposits in Velocity Credit Union share certificates, IRAs, money market accounts, or regular shares (savings) equaling $500 or more
  • Use direct deposit to automatically deposit on a recurring basis to any Velocity Credit Union account. This can be any direct deposit from employer payroll, employer retirement, or a federal disbursement like Social Security in any amount.
  • Have a loan/credit card balance of at least $500.

Member Rewards

Get a discount on your next loan, just by using more Velocity products and services! Here’s a list of the discounts you can earn* and how you can qualify (the maximum discount is 0.50%).


• 0.25% discount when you keep $5,000 in deposit accounts at Velocity
• 0.50% discount when you keep $10,000 in deposit accounts at Velocity
• 0.25% installment loan rate discount is offered with any new or existing deposit account with a minimum of $300 in monthly direct deposit.

Other Member Rewards

• 0.25% discount with 20% down payment on eligible secured loans
• 0.25% discount for Elite Rewards members

Ask for details when you're ready to apply for your next loan!

*These discounts are not available for: personal line of credit, credit cards, share secured and certificate secured loans.
**Special VIP certificate rates on an investment of $5,000 for a minimum 1 year CD or longer we can add .10% or for $10,000 at 2 years or more we can add .20% to the rate. This includes traditional and IRA shared certificates. Excludes Mini-Jumbo and Jumbo certificates.