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Jasper the Velocity mascotJoin Jasper the Velociraptor on an egg-citing journey to savings through Velocity’s Youth Club, and watch your savings dino-soar! Created especially for our younger members, the youth club was designed to help promote good savings habits to our young people and help them grow up to be financially responsible adults.

The club is open to children and young adults from ages 0 to 17 years old. You don’t need to take Jurass-tic measures!

All you need is a Social Security number and $5, and your child can open their very own savings account to help their nest eggs grow. After all, great savings come from having your mind raptor-round good money habits!

Young adults (15 years or older) are eligible to open their own checking account as well--as long as there is a parent or guardian as joint account holder on the account. It’s a great way to learn how to handle money wisely.

You want to watch your savings become meteor-rite?

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Spring 2019 - Youth Newsletter

Advantages to Joining:

  • Your child's own savings account
  • Annual Youth Club Savings Challenge
  • Special newsletter and fun events
  • Special prize for "Straight A" report cards
  • Your child's own account statement
  • Awesome prizes for saving

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