Discover a Velocity CheckingSM Plan that works for you.

At Velocity, we offer several kinds of checking accounts to meet the needs of our various kinds of members - from Totally Free to Interest-bearing. We've even got a checking account designed especially for teenagers.

Plus, we credit your direct deposit to your account as soon as the funds are received from your employer, up to two days early!

Whether you have direct deposit, or prefer to make deposits the old-fashioned way, Velocity Checking has an account that was made for you.

Find out which plan is right for you:

Velocity CheckingSM Account Description

Totally Free Checking


At Velocity Credit Union, we offer Totally Free Checking. There's no minimum balance or direct deposit requirements. In fact, it's free all down the line, including free online banking, free teller transactions, and unlimited check writing.

Service Fees: None
Dividends: None

Check Plus


Check Plus offers greater savings incentive. Keep a daily balance of $750 or more in your account, and your Check Plus account will earn a competitive dividend rate compounded every month. In addition, the $750 average balance will also help you avoid the $7.50 monthly service fee. Write as many checks as you want with no per-check fee.

Service Fees: None if average balances remain equal or above $750, otherwise $7.50
Dividends: Variable based on daily balances of $750 or more

VelociTeen Checking

If you'd like to offer your teenager a checking account, the VelociTeen Checking account from Velocity is the perfect solution. Available to teens between the ages of 15 and 17, the VelociTeen account has no monthly service charge, and requires no minimum balance. The only requirement we ask is that a parent be a joint owner of the account.

Service Fees: None
Dividends: None

Access Checking


If you've had difficulty getting or maintaining a checking account, Velocity Credit Union can offer you a "second chance." The Access Checking account is just our way of helping you get back to a traditional checking account.

After 12 months of managing the account perfectly, you can move to a traditional checking account.

Service Fees: $15 monthly fee, One-time opening fee of $10
Dividends: None

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