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Posted on by Velocity Credit Union

Until we meet again


A goodbye message from Community Relations Director Nico Ramsey.

As you probably guessed from the title, after nearly eight years I will be leaving Velocity Credit Union. To articulate effectively the lasting impact this credit union has had on my life is not an easy task, but one I feel I should attempt.

I arrived at Velocity as a 19-year-old college student who knew very little about banking, or credit unions really, and somehow landed a part-time position as a banker at the Round Rock Branch. After several years, a few professional setbacks, and pending promotions, I found myself serving as Velocity’s Community Relations Director.

Throughout my credit union career, I’ve often felt like one of the lucky ones who didn’t show up to a job, but to a family — a family that didn’t just accept me, but radically celebrated who I was and routinely cheered for my success. I never once felt I was just an HR box to check, but always knew that inclusion is at the core of what this company stands for.

As the primary liaison between the credit union and the community, I’ve been fortunate to meet people from all walks of life and engage in discussions that help move the community needle forward. Witnessing these diverse realities has made me a more understanding and compassionate person, community advocate, and a better philanthropist.

Through this position, I’ve seen how far a little can go to change lives, the generosity of the Velocity membership and, most of all, the living definition of #PeopleHelpingPeople. These memories and lived experiences will not soon be forgotten, but carried into my next endeavor.

While my time here is coming to an end, this position and its mission will live on. The people here work overtime to ensure exceptional service to members and the community — not because they have to; it’s just who they are.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for letting me play a small part in yours. Until we meet again.

Nico Ramsey