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The New Velocity Mastercard Platinum Credit Card Is Here!

Credit CardsAre you a current Velocity credit card holder who received a new Velocity Mastercard Platinum credit card in the mail? This card replaces your current Velocity Mastercard credit card.

To activate and use your new card, just follow these simple steps:

Activate your new card

Call 800.631.3197 to activate your new Velocity Mastercard Platinum credit card.

Set up card management

Managing your new Velocity Mastercard Platinum credit card is easy! Just make sure you’re enrolled in Velocity Online Banking, then select your new card. You’ll be redirected to a verification for a one-time registration and validation process. After that, you’ll be able to view transaction and payment history, statements, make payments and sign up for e-statements.

Need to Enroll in Online banking? Just select Log In at the top right corner of this page from a desktop browser – or select the Log In button at the top of any page on our site via mobile browser — then click on Enroll. Or, simply download the Velocity Mobile app.

Pay your credit card bill online or by mail

To make a payment online, simply transfer funds to the new S55 Credit Card Payments account from your Velocity account through Online Banking, or use the Velocity Mobile app. Payments will be applied within 1-2 business days.

To make a payment by mail, send it to Mastercard, P.O. Box 660493, Dallas TX 75266-0493

Update auto pay information

Your card number has changed! If you have automatic bill payments set up with your current Velocity Mastercard credit card, they will need to be updated with your new card information. If you currently use Velocity’s Online Bill Pay service, you must delete the current payees and re-add them with your new card number and the payment address (see “Set up card management”, above).

If you make automatic bill payments using your Velocity Mastercard credit card through another financial institution, you will have to update your card information using your other financial institutions’ procedures.

Update other recurring payments

If you have recurring payments set up through other sites (utilities, cable, etc.) don’t forget to update them with your new card information.

Update your digital wallet

Do you use a digital wallet on your Android or Apple smartphone? Simply remove your old Velocity Mastercard credit card and add your new card.

Activate Velocity CardLock

While not essential to use your card, our free Velocity CardLock app offers you peace of mind and additional security through instant control of all your Velocity cards. Get immediate transaction information, set up alerts, turn your cards on and off – all from the convenience of your smartphone. Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Rack up points with CURewards

If you have our Mastercard Platinum Rewards credit card, you’ll earn points through CURewards whenever you use it to make a signature-based purchase. Redeem those points for dining, merchandise, gift cards, travel rewards — even CASH with our new “Points-to-Cash” option.

CURewards Login

Helpful phone numbers

866.591.2910 – Credit card services including lost/stolen card and pay by phone

800.931.3197 – Card activation

888.886.0083 – PIN NOW

800.637.7728 – CURewards