These videos will help you understand banking at Velocity.

FAQs with Nico

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Online Services and Mobile Banking


Avoid trips to a branch and bank from anywhere with Velocity’s online services. Find out all the features you can access by the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger.

Balance vs. Available Balance


Balance vs. available balance are two terms that can mean two different things. And it’s important to understand the difference. This video helps you stay on top of your cash flow.

Credit vs Credit vs Credit


Credit, Credit or Credit? Three words that sound the same but can have different meanings and impact on your financial life. Watch this video to find out more!

Banks vs. Credit Unions


Community Relations Specialist Nico Ramsey hits the streets of Austin to find out the real difference between banks and credit unions.

FAQs with Nico


A merry montage of clips from the FAQ series!

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