ATM Upgrades are upon us!

New ATMs are on the wayWhat does that mean for you?

Velocity is replacing our existing branch deposit accepting ATMs with brand new ATMs.

  • Envelope depositors will be replaced with new technology to scan your items at the time of deposit.
  • The ability to deposit multiple checks or bills at once!  (up to 50 items at a time)
  • Immediate funds availability for CASH deposits.

Velocity is committed to upgrading our existing branch ATMs as quickly as possible to limit our downtime. Most of our branch ATMs will be down for less than 8 hours while the new machine is installed. And remember, you can always visit FREE ATMS to locate any one of  the 400+ local surcharge-free ATMs in our network.

Technology and convenience are cornerstones of Velocity Credit Union’s commitment to member service, and these new and improved ATMs are another way to help you achieve a faster way to financial freedom.

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