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Are you looking to buy more equipment? Maybe you want to get into business real estate. We offer small and large business loans to help your business dream become a reality — often at lower rates than a bank. It's just another way Velocity helps you find financial freedom.

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Commercial real estate loans

Velocity Credit Union can help you buy, build or invest in property that will help your business grow.


  • Owner-occupied
  • Retail
  • Lot loans
  • Investment property
  • Single family residence
  • Multi-family residence
  • Construction for commercial use properties


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How should I prepare my request for a loan?
First of all, relax. Figure out how much you need to borrow for specific purposes, then read on to see how we make our assessments and lending decisions, and how you can help us make the process painless.

What will you consider when evaluating my request for a business loan?

  • Business standing
    We’ll take a look at your business history, current business standing and what kind of loan you’re seeking. For SBA and some other loans, we might ask you to provide a business plan noting your projected financial statements, including profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet.
  • Collateral
    Your available collateral might affect the loan value we are able to provide. Giving us information on the value of potential collateral items will be helpful.
  • Financial standing
    We may review several sources of information — for example: your credit score, bank statements, tax returns, etc.— in order to determine how creditworthy your business is.
  • Legal standing
    We might ask about contracts you have with third parties, any leases or other agreements that are in place, and your business registrations or licenses.

How do I gauge my business financing needs?
Your business needs will usually fall into two broad categories:

  • Expansion Capital
    This includes funds used to finance business growth. We consider expansion capital a permanent investment in your business, so your loan repayment will be longer than one year.
  • Working Capital
    Short-term business cash needs fall under this category. Think seasonally — working capital can be repayable in less than one year depending on the seasonal sales and cash flow patterns of your company. We might require permanent working capital, especially if you plan to commit funds to a permanent buildup in accounts receivable and inventory in support of sales growth, the introduction of new product lines, or expansion into other territories.

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